Besan Recipe

Besan ladoo

Hi everyone,hope you all are doing good. Today I am going to share the recipe of most lovable sweet I.e. ‘Besan ladoo’ .

It is not just a sweet balls of gram flour but its the emotion which is celebrated in all over the India. It also carry the essence of tradition and celebration.

Besan ladoo , made primarily from chickpea flour (besan) , is not just a sweet indulgence. It also offers several health benefits . As chickpea is rich in protein, fiber and various vitamins and minerals making besan ladoo a nutritious treat. Additionally , this recipe allows for customizations making it easier for those dietary restrictions or preferences.

So let’s start making it…

Steps to follow while making besan ladoo:-

  • Heat 3tsp ghee in a heavy bottom kadhai.
  • Add 2bowl besan (chickpea flour) in it.
  • Start roasting the besan (chickpea flour) on a low flame.
  • In between the roasting process add 2tsp more ghee and continue the roasting process.
  • Roast the besan (chickpea flour) until it releases the moisture and turns golden brown with nutty aroma . Be patient enough, it will take 20-25mins to get roasted.
Besan ladoo
  • Now take out the roasted besan from kadhai and let it cool down slightly. So that you can handle it.
  • Add 1/2bowl of powder sugar or sugar to taste.
  • Mix it properly with your hands. If you wish you can also add some roasted dry fruits of your choice.
Besan ladoo
  • Take a small portion of this mixture and shape it into a round ball , gently pressing to ensure it holds its form.
Besan ladoo
  • Repeat the previous process until all the mixture is used up .
Besan ladoo
  • Your ladoos are ready. Now garnish them with chopped nuts of your choice, pressing them lightly onto surface of each ladoo for decoration.
Besan ladoo
  • Allows the ladoo to cool down completely before serving to let them firm up and develop the characteristics texture.
Besan ladoo
  • You can store it in air tight container at room temperature where they will stay fresh for several days.


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