Rasgulla – Mostly loved by all….

Hi friends,how are you all? Today I am here to tell you the recipe of Ras bhari (Rasgulla). It is a combination of two words ras and gulla. Ras means syrup and gulla means round shape. It is a Indian sweet. It is very easy make at home even my husband also loves it very much.

Kolkata famous sweet:-

Rasgulla name itself send as to kolkata in our imagination because we can say it is the symbol of kolkata. Bengalis loves it so much. Even you can see their face expression how happy they are while talking about it. You can get worlds best rasgulla in kolkata.

The secret behind Rasgulla name

It’s name itself tell all secrets behind its name because ‘Ras’ means juice and ‘Gulla’ means round which means the thing or a dish which is full of juicy and round in shape . Instead of saying rasgulla i love to say Rasbhari to it because this name also gives it same meaning.


Chhena (left part of curdling of milk after strain )
Maida flour
Lemon juice


  • Boil the milk at low temperature and add some lemon juice so that curdle of milk occurs.
  • After curdling of milk leave it for 5 mins. to cool down.
  • Now drain the extra water and leave it for 4 to 5 hours.
  • Heat the pan and put 2 glass of water and 1bowl of sugar and some cardamom for fragrance.
  • Now start boiling the mixture.
  • On the other side mash chhena very smoothly so that there should be no grains left.
  • Now add 1tsp of maida flour and mash it some more.
  • Now start making dumplings balls like this.  Rasgulla
  • After make all the dumplings ball put them into sugar syrup.
  • Now start cooking it with a cover of lid on a high flame.
  • After some you will see it puffed out.
  • Now close the gas and let it cool down and then transfer it into bowl and serve it.
Now bye😊 enjoy with your family members.

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