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Besan Recipe

Besan ladoo

Hi everyone,hope you all are doing good. Today I am going to share the recipe of most lovable sweet I.e. ‘Besan ladoo’ . It is not just a sweet balls of gram flour but its the emotion which is celebrated in all over the India. It also carry the essence of tradition and celebration. Besan …

Besan Recipe

Sev Tamatar Sabji

Hi friends,hope you all are doing good.Today’s recipe is ‘sev tamatar sabji’ . It is one of my favorite dish which is mostly prepared in Rajasthan and Madhya pardesh . Sometimes we don’t want to eat any green vegetable, paneer or anything else at that you can prepared it and enjoy with family members. The …

pakora kadhi
Aloo Besan Recipe

Pakora Kadhi

Hi friends, how are you all ? Today’s recipe is ‘pakora kadhi’. Kadhi is a north Indian dish which is prepared with besan and curd. It taste delicious when it is served with plain rice. Some people likes plain Kadhi and some people prefer it with pakode. Both taste great but I personally like pakora …

Besan Recipe

Loki k Kofte

Hi friends,how are you all? Today’s recipe is ‘Loki k kofte ‘. Loki is the vegetable which usually children don’t like to eat it but don’t worry my this recipe will increase their taste in loki. In our life specially in our childhood we usually I hate vegetables because of many things. Even I don’t like …