Suji or nariyal ladoo

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing good. Festivals are here and we all are having sweets. So today’s recipe is one of my favorite sweet I.e. ‘suji or nariyal ladoo’ .

Indulge your sweet tooth with the chewy texture of coconut and the rich flavor of roasted suji (rava) in our delightful ladoo recipe.

It is perfect for festivals, celebrations or just a sweet treat to yourself. This suji or nariyal ladoo is mouthful of delight that nobody can resist.

Although the steps of making this ladoo is little long but I must say when you follow this recipe step by step you will make a perfect suji or nariyal ladoo ,and after tasting them you will find it completely worth effort and time spend.

So let’s start making it.

Steps to follow while making suji or nariyal ladoo:-

  • Heat 1tsp of ghee in kadhi.
  • Add chopped dry fruits of your choice and roast them.
  • When dry fruits are roasted well then take them out from kadhi and add 2tsp of ghee in the same kadhi.
  • Now add 1bowl of suji (rava) and start roasting it on low to medium heat.
  • When suji changes its color then add 1bowl of grated coconut (crushed nariyal) in it.
Suji or nariyal ladoo
  • Mix it well for 5-10mins with roasted suji and then add roasted dry fruits in it.
Suji or nariyal ladoo
  • Again mix the roasted dry fruits with the mixture of roasted suji and nariyal.
Suji or nariyal ladoo
  • On other heat the pan and add 1glass of milk with 1small bowl of sugar and 1tsp of elachi powder.
  • Let the milk boil until sugar dissolves completely on a slow flame.
  • Now add this milk in the mixture of roasted suji, nariyal and dry fruits little by little. Cook it on a slow flame.
  • When all milk is added in the mixture then close the gas and allow it cool slightly, making it easier to handle.
Suji or nariyal ladoo
  • Take some ghee and apply all over your hands.
Suji or nariyal ladoo
  • Now take small portion of mixture and start giving the round shape . The warmth of your hands will help them to hold their form.
Suji or nariyal ladoo
  • After making all the ladoo just sprinkle some grated coconut powder and let them rest for few hours.
Suji or nariyal ladoo
  • Your ladoos are ready to serve.
Suji or nariyal ladoo

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