Sattu Paratha

Hi everyone,hope you all are doing good.Today’s recipe is ‘sattu paratha’ . The word Sattu takes our mind a special state which is Bihar.

Yes bihar is the only state where you find people having Sattu in their meal . Sattu is made from roasted chana which is full of fiber and protein.

Sattu can be taken in different ways . Example:- you can have it Sattu drink in summer ,You can make it stuffing for paratha which is I am going to tell you.

Sattu paratha is most delicious and healthier paratha you all can have . It is very easy to make at home because sattu atta is easily available at shops now.

So let’s start making it.

Steps to follow while making Sattu paratha:-

  • Take 2bowls of wheat flour in a big bowl.
  • Add 1tsp salt, 1/2tsp kasturi methi and 1tsp of ghee.
  • Mix all the ingredients together and start adding water in it.
  • Now make a medium soft dough with it.
  • Let the dough rest for 5mins. Meanwhile let’s prepare stuffing for paratha.
  • Take 1small bowl of Sattu in medium bowl.
  • Add 1chopped onion,1tsp chopped garlic gloves, 1chopped green chilli, some coriander leaves and 1tsp chopped ginger.
  • Now add 1/2tsp salt or salt to taste, 1tsp homemade pickle masala and 1/2tsp caram seeds.
  • Mix all the ingredients with the help of your hands in Sattu.
Sattu paratha
  • You Sattu stuffing for paratha is ready.
  • Now let’s start making paratha.
  • Take 1portion of dough and round shape bowl like a katori.
  • Fill 1tsp of Sattu stuffing in it.
Sattu paratha
  • Now coat it with dry flour and start rolling it in anti clockwise direction with the help rolling pin.
  • When you get your desired size of paratha stop rolling it.
  • Now put the paratha on hot tava and start cooking it.
  • Flip the paratha after 2mins or when you see the color of paratha is changing little bit.
Sattu paratha
  • Now cook the paratha from other side also and then apply some ghee on paratha.
Sattu paratha
  • After applying the ghee on both sides cook it for 2mins more.
Sattu paratha
  • Repeat the previous steps and make all the paratha.
  • Your Sattu paratha is ready to serve.Serve it with dahi, chatni , sabji or pickle. It taste great with all of it.
Sattu paratha

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