Hi friends! welcome you all on ‘Food life process‘.

Let me tell you about it….

Food life process is a place where you can find solutions to your cooking as well as your daily life related problems in the form of easy yet delicious recipes and simple home remedies.

This website will increase your interest in cooking and also introduce you to amazing ingredients and their benefits .

It adds zing to your daily cooking and it also helps to those who want to learn cooking with simple and easy ways.

It will also beneficial for those who wants to enhance their cooking skills and go back to old traditions or solutions for their skin related problems.

About Me

Hi, Myself Simmi Ashish Prakash a home maker.

I have started this website to share my recipes and some homeremedies with you all during lockdown .I love to read and write but my favorite thing is to do cooking .

It is a stress buster for me. If you are also a foodie like me then this website is for you.

I hope this website helps you with its simple yet delicious recipes with easily available ingredients .