Creamy Bread malai sandwich

Hi friends , hope you all are doing good . Today’s recipe is ‘creamy bread malai sandwich’ . Sometimes our taste buds demand something different and twisted at that time we don’t know how satisfy our craving for sweet tooth.

Yes you all read it right this sandwich is sweet that is the twisted part of this recipe. It is a sweet sandwich or you can also say it is sweet dish which you can prepare easily at home.

When it comes to quick and satisfying snacks, few things can beat the charm of a delicious sandwich. So, i thought to bring you a delightful twist on the traditional sandwich with our Creamy Bread Malai Sandwich recipe. This mouthwatering creation combines the goodness of bread, the richness of malai (cream), and a medley of flavorful ingredients. Let’s dive in and explore the step-by-step process of making this creamy delight .

Steps to follow while making creamy bread malai sandwich:-

  • Take half litter of milk and start boiling it.
  • When the milk starts boiling add sugar to taste and stir it continuously so that it doesn’t stuck at the bottom.
Creamy bread malai sandwich
  • Now take 2tsp of vanilla custard powder in a bowl and add some water . Make a running paste by mixing it.
Creamy bread malai sandwich
  • When the quantity of milk is reduced and becomes half of its original quantity then add custard mixture in it and cook for 1/2mins only.
  • Let it cool down the mixture completely.
Creamy bread malai sandwich
  • Now take 2 bread slices together and cut it diagonally into halves and quarters for a visually appealing.
Creamy bread malai sandwich

Prepare the creamy malai sandwich stuffing :-

  • Take some malai in a bowl.
Creamy bread malai sandwich
  • Add some sugar and some chopped dry fruits of your choice in it.
Creamy bread malai sandwich
  • Now add some custard mixture and mix it properly.

Preparing of sweet sandwich:-

  • Take one portion of diagonally chopped bread and spread the mixture of malai on it.
Creamy bread malai sandwich
  • Repeat the previous step again with other bread slices and place one bread slice on the top of other to form a sandwich.
  • Take a plate and now place all sandwiches and spread custard mixture over them. Put some chopped dry fruits also over them.
  • Your creamy bread malai sandwich sweet is ready to serve.
Creamy bread malai sandwich

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