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Gobi Paratha

Hi friends,hope you all are doing good.Today’s recipe is ‘gobi paratha’ . We all love to have different types of parathas so I thought to share my recipe of gobhi paratha with you all.

Gobi paratha is something which we enjoy every bite of it and the recipe which I am going to share with you all is very easy. This recipe give solution to your problem which we generally face during making these parathas.

I learned making this in my sasural by watching my sister in law. She makes it delicious parathas and the best thing is that she make it in very simple way.

So let’s start making it.

Steps to follow while making Gobi paratha:-

  • Take gobhi flowers only from gobi (cauliflower) and wash it.
Gobi paratha
  • Now start grating it. Grate it from medium grater so that you will get a fine grated gobhi(cauliflower) .
  • After grating it start making a stuffing of it. For stuffing heat 2tsp oil in Kadhi and add 1/2tsp cumin seeds.
  • When you see cumin seeds start cracking add 1chopped onion in it.
  • Start stirring the onions until they turns soft. Add 4-5 chopped garlic gloves and again mix it properly.
  • Now add all dry spices (1/2tsp turmeric powder,1/2 red chilli powder and 1tsp corriander powder) in it. Mix the spices with onions and garlic gloves.
  • When spices are mixed well add grated gobi(cauliflower) and salt to taste .
Gobi paratha
  • Now stir it continuously so that mixture it cooked properly and does not contain any extra water .
Gobi paratha
  • At last add some chopped corriander leaves and mix it properly. Gobi (cauliflower) stuffing is ready. Leave it to cool down completely.
Gobi paratha
  • In the meantime prepare dough for paratha. For making dough take 2 small bowl of wheat flour in big bowl.
  • Add 1.5tsp ajwain (carom seeds) , 1/2tsp red chilli powder,1/2tsp salt.
Gobi paratha
  • Mix all the ingredients in wheat flour properly with the help of your hands .
  • Now start adding little water at a time or you can sprinkle some water at a time and start kneading dough.
  • Make a medium soft dough paratha and cover it for some time.

Methods of rolling out the paratha:-

  • After 5 mins again knead the dough and check the stuffing temperature.
  • Now take 1 portion of dough and make a small round shape roti with the help and dry wheat flour put 1tsp of gobhi stuffing on it.
Gobi paratha
  • Bring all sides of round shape roti/paratha together .
Gobi paratha
  • Now again roll out the paratha with the help of dry wheat flour. This is one method of rolling out the gobhi paratha.
Gobi paratha
  • Now I will show another method of rolling out gobhi paratha. Take again 1portion of dough and start making round shape ball of it with the help of your both palms.
  • When you get a good round shape ball start making a small bowl (katori) with help of your thumbs from that dough ball.
Gobi paratha
  • Now fill 1tsp of gobi stuffing in it .
Gobi paratha
  • Again bring all sides of bowl(katori) together to make a stuffed dough ball.
  • Roll out the stuffed dough ball into round shape .
Gobi paratha
  • Heat the tava and put your roll out paratha on it.
Gobi paratha
  • Cook it on medium flame when you see it half cooked from one side then Filip it to cook from other side .
  • When it is half cooked from sides then apply 1/2tsp ghee and cook it for 2mins more by turning it with the help of spatula.
Gobi paratha
  • Take out the paratha from tava and cook all the paratha with the same method or the method you like from both of them.
  • Your gobi paratha is ready to serve.Serve it with chatni, dahi or whatever you like it.
Gobi paratha

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