Aloo Recipe

Stuffed Aloo Puri

Hi friends,hope you all are doing good.Today’s recipe is ‘stuffed aloo puri’ . We all love to eat aloo paratha or different types of puri but sometimes eating something becomes boring.

Specially children gives us tantrum and don’t want to eat any thing. So I thought to share my recipe of stuffed aloo puri which is different from other aloo puri and it tastes delicious specially my children love it.

It is different from other puri or paratha because in this stuffed aloo puri we hardly use any spices and then also it tastes amazing.

so let’s start making it….

Steps to follow while making stuffed aloo puri are:-

  • Take 2small bowl of wheat flour in big bowl.
  • Add 1/2tsp salt and 1tsp of ghee. Now start kneading dough with the help of water.
  • Make a medium soft dough for puri and cover it with plate and let it rest for 10 – 20mins.
  • Now take 4 boiled potatoes and some corriander leaves.
  • Add salt to taste, 1chopped green chilli iand mashed the potatoes.
Stuffed aloo puri
  • Your potato stuffing for puri is ready.
Stuffed aloo puri
  • Now open the dough and knead it again for 2-3mins .
Stuffed aloo puri
  • Take 1portion of dough and make shape katori(bowl).
Stuffed aloo puri
  • Fill some aloo(potato)stuffing in the dough bowl and again make a round shape ball.
Stuffed aloo puri
  • Start rolling out the stuffed aloo(potato) dough with the help of dry wheat flour.
Stuffed aloo puri
  • You can roll out the puri of whatever size you like it.
Stuffed aloo puri
  • Make all the puri and heat the oil in Kadhi for frying them.
Stuffed aloo puri
  • Put 1puri in hot oil of Kadhi and start frying it on medium to slow flame.
Stuffed aloo puri
  • Fry them until you see a golden color on puri.
Stuffed aloo puri
  • Your puri is ready to serve.Serve it chatni, sabji or whatever you want to have it with them . It taste delicious with all of it.
Stuffed aloo puri

Points to remember:-

  • Always put the puri in hot oil only.
  • Fry the puri on medium to slow flame.
  • Make medium to soft dough only for puri.

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