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Rice Kheer, A common dessert of every Indian house

Sweet dish

As you all know kheer is the most common dessert of India . In old days it is customary to make Rice kheer on every single festival. It’s recipe is also quite simple and easy to make. Every sweet dish lover’s will definitely agree with me that there is no competition in front of kheer.

I still remember when there is any happy occasion ocurs the first thing come in our mind  is to cook is kheer because its very simple and easy to cook and its ingredients are easily available in our house. with 3 ingredients only you can make kheer.

So let start the recipe…..

1. Milk -1 l
2. Rice-1 bowl 
3. Some dry fruits 
4. 1tsp Cardamom powder 
5. Sugar -1 bowl

Method of cooking Rice kheer:-

  • Wash the rice with water.
  • Now start boiling the milk in pan.
  • After boiling the milk add the rice and start cooking it into slow flame and Cook it unit it gets thick.
  • Now add some dry fruits of your choice and sugar as per your taste. 
  • Cook it until sugar gets dissolved .
  • At last add the cardamom powder and stir it. After that close the flame.


    Rice kheer

    Points to remember :-

    1. Cook it only slow flame. It will definitely take more time but it increases its taste. 
    2. Stir it in regular intervals of time. 
    3. Cook it without the lid.
    4. Don’t add sugar in the starting stage otherwise either rice will not cooked properly or you will not get the texture of kheer .
    5. Rice kheer taste more yummy when it gets eaten after 2-3hours putting it in fridge. 
    Rice kheer
    Hope you all like it and make it at your home.
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