Aloo Recipe

Aloo dum

Hi friends,hope you all are doing good.Today’s recipe is ‘aloo dum’ . Aloo is vegetable which is loved by all. Sometimes if we don’t want to cook or eat any green vegetable we just make something from aloo only.

So I thought to share my favorite dish or recipe of aloo I.e aloo dum . Aloo dum is very simple dish but contains an amazing taste of spices. It can be prepared in many ways but I am going to share a very simple and easy method to make it.

so let’s start making it.

Steps to follow while making aloo dum are:-

  • Take baby potatoes (aloo) or you can take medium size potatoes (aloo) also for this recipe .
  • Now peel off them and after that wash it.
  • Start making holes with the help of knife or toothpick.
  • Heat 4tsp oil in Kadhi/pan.
  • Add peeled potatoes and start frying it. Fry them until you see a golden coating on them.
Aloo dum
  • Now take out the fried potatoes from Kadhi.
Aloo dum
  • Take out extra oil also from Kadhi and just leave only 1 or 2tsp of oil in it.
  • Add 2chopped onions, 4to5 cashews, 4to5 garlic gloves and 1inch ginger in it..
Aloo dum
  • Cook them until you see onions become soft and then add 2chopped tomatoes also.
Aloo dum
  • Cook them for 5minutes only and then take out them in grinder jar. Let it cool down completely and then make a fine paste of it.
Aloo dum
  • Heat the oil which was taken off from the Kadhi after frying the potatoes.
  • Add 1tsp cumin seeds, 1bay leaf , 4to5 black pepper , 1inch dalcheeni and 1cardamom (elachi) in it.
  • Add mixture paste and start stirring it.
Aloo dum
  • Now add all the dry spices ( 1/2tsp turmeric powder, 1tsp red chilli powder, 1.5tsp corriander powder) in it.
Aloo dum
  • when spices are mixed well with the paste then add 1glass of water with fried baby potatoes (aloo) and salt to taste.
  • Cook it properly with covering the Kadhi/pan.
  • When it is cooked completely add 1/2tsp garam masala powder and again cook it for 5mins.
  • Your aloo dum is ready to serve.Serve it with roti, paratha or rice whatever you like it. Garnish it with fresh coriander leaves.
Aloo dum

Points to remember:-

  • After making holes in the potatoes don’t wash them again.
  • You can also use fresh cream instead of cashews.

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