Flex seeds chatni

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing good. Today’s recipe is ‘flex seeds chatni’.

When we think of healthy eating, incorporating nutritious and delicious food into our diet flex seeds is one of the ingredient which come in our mind to add in our meal.

Because flex seeds are consider one of the top healthy food and they are rich in essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants.

Flex seeds chatni recipe is not only treat to your taste buds but also a boost for your health. So let’s start making the most delicious and easy to make chatni.

Steps to follow while making flex seeds chatni:-

  • Heat kadhai and put 1bowl of flex seeds in it.
  • Now start dry roasting the flex seeds on medium flame.
  • When flex seeds start crackle and become aromatic take it out from kadhai and put it in grinder jar. This step of dry roasting enhance the flavor of flex seeds and ensures the delicious chatni.
  • Now take a grinder jar and add the roasted flex seeds and make a fine powder of it.
  • Take 1bowl and add 3-4tsp of roasted flex seeds powder ( You can store this flex seeds powder for 20-25days easily in refrigerator).
Flex seeds powder
  • Now add 1small finely chopped onions, 1Chopped green chili and salt to taste. If you want you can also add some lime juice.
Flex seeds chatni
  • Now start adding water little by little and mix it properly. Until you get a thick paste Or chatni like a paste.
Flex seeds chatni
  • Your chatni is ready to serve.
Flex seeds chatni

Now that you have your freshly made flex seeds chatni here are few creative ways to enjoy it.

  • Spread it on toast and sandwiches for nutritious twist.
  • Paired it with indian dishes it will taste great.
  • Incoporate with wraps and salads for a healthy and flavourful boost.


Incoporating this chatni into your meal is a simple and effective way to enhance both the taste buds and nutritional value of your food. So give it a try and experience the goodness of this flex seeds powder chatni.

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