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Sabudane or Makhane kheer

Hi friends,how are you all ? Today’s recipe is ‘Sabudane or Makhane kheer’. As the festival season begins with navratri in India so as to fast (vrat) .

In India there are many different types of festivals which we celebrate in many ways with full excitement.

Navratri is one of my favorite festival in which we do fasting for nine days . These nine days are most auspicious days . During fasting in India people don’t eat regular food. They have special food which is specially prepared for them. Example sabudana kheer, sabudana khichdi n many more.

So today I thought of making sabudana and makhana kheer. Hope you all like it.

Memories with sabudane or Makhane kheer

I still remember during my childhood days when navratri comes I specially fast because I love to eat the food which are cooked for us.

Not only navratri but many other festivals are also there in which we do fasting and have the special food which is specially prepared for fasting people.


  • Sabudane -1 small bowl
  • Makhane – 1 small bowl
  • Dry fruits
  • Milk – 1 litres
  • Sugar- 1/2 bowl
  • Ghee – 2 tsp

Method of cooking sabudane or Makhane kheer

  • Boil the milk and put it on slow flame.
  • On the other side heat the ghee in a pan and start roasting sabudane and Makhane separately both for about 5mins .
  • After roasting both of them put sabudana in milk and start cooking it.
sabudane or makhane kheer
  • When sabudana is half cooked then makhane because makhane takes less time to cook.
sabudane or makhane kheer
  • Now add sugar and some dry fruits and cook it until it becomes thick.
  • Your sabudana and Makhane kheer is ready to serve.
sabudane or makhane kheer
  • Garnish it with some dry fruits.
  • Serve it hot and enjoy it with family n friends.

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