Kache Aam ki chutney

Hi friends,hope you all doing good. Today’s recipe is ‘Kache aam ki chutney ‘. You all must have prepare many types of chutney but this one is little different from others. Because it does not contain corriander, tomato or any normal ingredient which we all use in our chutneys recipes.

As you all know season of mango is started and with that we all start preparing or must be thinking to prepare something special with mangoes So this chutney recipe is one option to all who want to enjoy the different recipes and its taste with mangoes.

We all love aam and its different varieties but kacha aam itself has different taste. I still remember during my childhood I eat them raw just with pinch of salt and red chilli powder.

Kache aam ki chutney is very simple yet delicious side dish which increases the taste of food. It adds different types of flavors to your meal. So let’s start making it.


  • Chopped kache aam- 1
  • Jeera – 1/2tsp
  • Dry red chilly- 1/2
  • Salt- 1/2tsp

Steps to follow while making aam ki chutney are:-

  • Heat the tava and start roasting jeera, dry red chili and salt without adding any oil.
  • After roasting them let it cool down.
  • Now take a mixture jar and put chopped kache aam and all roasted spices into it.
  • Start grinding them together until it becomes in paste form.
Kache aam ki chutney
  • Your chutney is ready to serve. Serve it with roti, paratha and other dishes. It taste awesome with all the dishes.
Kache aam ki chutney

Points to remember:-

  • Don’t add any oil or ghee while roasting the spices.
  • Don’t add any water while grinding it.

Other recipes:-

Video link of aam ki chutney:-

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