Homemade Paneer

Hi friends, hope you all are doing great? Today I am going to share the recipe of ‘homemade paneer ‘. You all must be thinking why should we make paneer at home when we easily get it from market .

So guy’s I am not saying that don’t buy it from market but it just that sometimes that we don’t want to or we don’t get it because of some reasons and then also we want to consume it . In that case you can make it by ourself at home with our comfort.

Paneer is something which provides lots of calcium, protein to our body. So it is also a good option to have calcium in our daily life.

By having homemade paneer we are assure that we are not having any preservatives in it .Making paneer at home itself is very easy. Today I will tell you how to make homemade paneer. So let’s see what all ingredients we need to make it.


  • Milk- 1l
  • Lemon-1/2

Steps to follow while making Homemade Paneer:-

  • Pour the milk into the big bowl and start stirring until it starts boiling.
  • Cut the lemon into two parts. We will only be using one part for this process.
  • When you see your milk start boiling, squeeze the half lemon juice into it.
Homemade paneer
  • Now you can seen your milk start curdling.
Homemade paneer
  • When it curdles properly then take a big bowl and a clean cotton cloth to separate it.
  • Now separate the chhena from curdled milk by pouring it into the cloth . Collect chhena and throw the water .If you see any lemon seeds in it just take it out from it.
Homemade paneer
  • Now wash the chhena properly with clean water so that it will not taste sour.
Homemade paneer
  • Squeeze the chhena so that it does not contain any water in it.
  • If you want round shape like market then put something heavy on it so that it get shape and leave it for 2-3hrs.
  • Now open the cloth you will see your paneer is ready. You can use it any thing like making sabji etc.
Homemade paneer

Points to remember while making homemade paneer:-

  • Don’t put lemon juice before boiling the milk.
  • During boiling milk stir it regularly otherwise milk will burn from the bottom.
  • Separate the chhena with the help of cloth only.

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