Cheese burst Sandwich

Hi friends,hope you all are doing good. Today I am going to share the recipe of ‘cheese burst sandwich’ . We all love to eat cheese in different types of food. That’s why I thought why not to share my favorite dish which included cheese.

Cheese bust sandwich recipe is very easy recipe which we can make it at home itself with easily available ingredents.

The best part of this recipe is you don’t need any sandwich maker, toaster or oven. You can make it at tava which is available in all houses. So let’s start making it.


  • Bread slices- 2
  • Perri perri masala
  • Chilli flakes
  • Chopped onions and cucumbers
  • Grated cheese
  • Butter
  • Fresh cream

Steps to follow while making Cheese burst sandwich :-

  • First apply the butter on the bread slices.
Cheese burst sandwich
  • Heat the pan or tava and put the bread slices on it.
  • Now turn them and roast it from other side also.
Cheese burst sandwich
  • Remove one slice of bread from the pan or tava and spread the grated cheese on other slice of bread.
Cheese burst sandwich
  • Now sprinkle some perri masala and chilli flakes on it.
Cheese burst sandwich
  • Put the other bread slice on it and flip the sandwich.
  • After 2 mins flip it again and put the onions and cucumbers slices on it.
Cheese burst sandwich
  • Again sprinkle some perri perri masala and fresh cream on it.
Cheese burst sandwich
  • Now put the bread slice over it.
Cheese burst sandwich
  • After 1min close the gas flame and take the sandwich into your plate. Your cheese burst sandwich is ready to serve. Serve it with ketchup.

Points to remember:-

  • Roast the bread before spreading the cheese on it.
  • Before roasting it apply the butter on bread.

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